Friday, February 20, 2009

War in the Key of Jung: Page Nine

The End. No not really just another line on he Rosetta Stone of my work. I'm gonna go back and clean up the page structure and lettering and let it rest as is. So please go back reread and give me a thought. i just wanna tell stories.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

LEGACE ARTWORKS: Here my dear/Seeds of Change Part One.

I ain't never finished nuthin' this big. My first mural commission, for the National Center for the Study of Civil Rights and African-American Culture in Montgomery AL. About eight feet tall and twelve feet wide, constructed from three wood panels.

The Title
"Here my dear"/Seeds of Change

My father, in one of our many deep discussions on manhood life and destiny, completed a heavy sessions with the directive: "You must leave a legacy, you must leave a monument of your passing." At the time I was in my mid-twenties and having reached a false sense of responsibility as well as a smug sense of enlightenment towards a life without hubris, i did not subscribe to the desire to be remembered. I lived in the immediate the now and reinforced the significance of that moment and those carnal and visceral impulses. More simply said i dismissed his words as vanity. I've grown up some and understand what he told me. He told me to aspire. Marvin Gaye once created an album as a stipulation in a divorce case, the proceeds from the album would go to his ex-wife. It is an ART album. it is exploratory. It is emotional. It is honest. Oh and it lies. And it tells. and it accuses. And begs. And it changes. And it forgives and it grows. And it hopes. But it does represent an ending of relationships. This is it for me and Alabama State University for the immediate time being so this is the mark of my passing. Listen to the first track on that album and that's the title.
Seeds of change relates to the student protests of the sixties in Montgomery and the involvement of people in the community as well as students, faculty and administration of Alabama State College. I include the photographs of many young protesters and students who are active and important citizens in Montgomery presently. The seeds of change are at harvest. Oh what a bounty.