Monday, June 22, 2009

Building a Mystery: The Lesson of Lord Lizard

-"...(a god outgrown becomes immediately a life destroying demon. The form has to be broken and the energy released.) -Joseph Campbell, The Hero with a Thousand Faces

Trying to keep my prose simple like Papa Hemingway...
I am telling the story of Lord Lizard, the greatest hero of his age. His beginnings, his middle, and his end. Lizard as a character was inspired by one of the greatest role playing game experiences I had in college (BIG UPS TO UPTOWN SMCM 88-93) and the lizards that inhabit my parent back porch and the run-ins i had my years as a Professor with young men with issues with male authority figures.

Lizard is the son of Lord Sea Turtle and Lady Lizard. He is the most complete warrior of his time but is wounded by the absence of his father. Lord Sea Turtle died before lord Lizard got to know him, leaving a closer bond to his mother but the unenviable task of measuring up to something he knows only as hallowed legend. Lord Sea Turtle, He who rose from the Abyss and took the eye of Behemoth.

We live in an age where absent fathers have left young men searching for models of behavior in manhood. This story on the surface is about that conflict. This story is also about mythology and love.
His story is about his blood-bound brothers: LyonMane and Tapestry and the Pantheon brought together to battle Corruption, spawns of Behemoth and save the REALM.

I got Omni doing my computer coloring. Its on.

So keep your eyes open for Of Mythic Proportions:Extinction Coming to a computer screen near you... soon...

Friday, June 05, 2009

We Wear the Mask.

"He's got a big EGO."

the Potent Darkness.

With that declaration I summon Shazam-like energies from beyond, becoming the cool-ass Vampyre-Hunter, hitman, artist and explorer of the Carnal. I free Id to experience the madness, allowing the mind to turn i into to nearly coherent ART- (sorry , I forgot aspirations must be humble)-make that : nerly coherent art?

No. Let me reframe that. I am ALL of my imaginary friends. An Interesting conglomeration of personality behavior, stlye and narrative.
Becoming THEM.
Embracing US.

Abyss is Potential. Form recently coalesced from the Celestial Firmament(Read Genesis!) hungry for experience. Giddy with desire.
All things burst forth from nothing(or No-thing(read the Tao))which is the bridge to the DIVINE.

I sign my paintings Abyss because they are a product of all the disjointed chaotic emotional energy created by life experiences. My work is: biographic or critical or observational or narrative or magical reallism or figurative or structural or black... No! Wait! I meant to say and not or. AND. And my wiork comes from the drive to mimic the creative energy of existence. To make wher ther was nothing.


The Potent Darkness.