Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Building a Mystery: Of Mythic Proportions: Extinction. Lord Lizard.Transmutations.Kronn Lord of the Dead.

Lord Lizard in Repose. Acrylic on Watercolor paper. 2011

So the Idea for this character came from The Dawn of the Dragons Campaign created by Paul DiNunno back when I was an undergrad at St. Mary's College of Maryland two decades ago. One of the major antagonists of our adventuring group was the shadowy leader of the swamp nation of Nilth, Kronn. As described by the Gamemaster he was a huge necromantic Lizard man whose body was deteriorating. A decade or more later, after my experiences as a profesor and my journy into Joseph Campbell and Carl Jung, i began wondering where Kronn came from. What makes a villian. The tale of Lord Lizard came from these musings. Discovering and creating his story turned into a long story that explained for me my experience with young male students without father figures, the transformation of the godpower for good into a monster, and the destiny of two characters in that first campaign: Arrak the Archer and Dwayne Lyon.
As presented in this first painting he is the leader of a nation having recently betrayed his bloodbrother and looking upon his destiny.

Kronn Ruler of the Snake Clann, Lord of Nilth, Heart of the Behemoth.
Acrylic on Watercolor, 2011.

I have not created the definitive image of Kronn as a enemy of the Crimson Guard, but this is him at the height of his rule.
In the end it all went bad. But all of that is in the details.