Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Adventures In and Out of Boxes: HOD. Page Nine


On a personal level this is the process of individuation. But what shall we make of our collective efforts at differentiation? What are the consequences of our collective struggle? Carl Jung says:
“The paternal principle, the Logos,… eternally struggles to extricate itself from the primal warmth and primal darkness of the maternal womb; in a word, from unconsciousness.” (ibid)
Jung associates the paternal principle with Logos, and Logos with ‘divine curiosity.’ This divine curiosity seeks the evolution of consciousness, bringing forth the potential and possibility of human awareness. Jung says,
“Divine curiosity yearns to be born and does not shrink from conflict, suffering, or sin.” (ibid)

I am not trying to turn this into a pretentious artist's guide to simplified Jungian ideology.  What is happening is discovery of meaning in response to experienced phenomena.  (Okay maybe a little pretentious...) In all honesty I have intentions when these images are drawn but deeper understanding occurs in reflection.  My desire for a healthy anima demanded a strong sense of self.  During the time of my separation and divorce I crawled into a cave(as I am want to do) and addressed the basic necessities to maintain or reconstruct my sanity. 
What shall we use
To fill the empty spaces
Where we used to talk?
How shall I fill the final places?
How should I complete the wall
by Pink Floyd
*with thanks to my college roommate Bill and his love for Pink Floyd that he passed on to me.
I got this icebox where my heart used to be (but I got this)
I got this icebox where my heart used to be (said I got this)
I'm so cold, I'm so cold, I'm so cold, I'm so cold
I'm so cold, I'm so cold, I'm so cold
-Ice Box
by Omarion
*with apologies cause I love some pop songs without reason.
I put down some things and some people that weren't moving me forward looked at how much stock I put in others evaluations of me.  I accidently realized I got FREE.  I found out what FREE meant and how much responsibility it is.  Still working on that.  So once again I end in meditation and work towards another realization.   

Reading List:            Anything drawn by Stuart Immonen, Olivier Coipel & Carlos Pacheco.  
                                 Trying to learn how to draw some dynamic superhero shit.
Listening List:         WordBallon Podcast: Most recent Bendis tapes. 1/14/2014.
                                On Being Podcast: Patrick Bellegarde-Smith on Living Voudou.    1/9/2014.
                                Paper Wings Podcast: Interview with Marvel studios storyboard artist
                                 Justin Copeland.  PWP#23, 11/13/2012.
                                 5'o'clock. T-pain.
Watching List:        House of Cards Trilogy(UK): Part 3: The Final Cut. WOW. Please check it out
                                on Netflix.
                                Army Wives: Season 5&6.  Guilty pleasure.
                                Firefly. Season One.  Studying Whedon...And no Sigler I am not watching Buffy
                                or Angel... I just ain't doing it yet.
                                Tudors. Season One.  Nice and Ribald! Weird seeing the Man of Steel getting

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Adventures In and Out of Boxes: HOD. Page Eight.


Individuation is a process of transformation whereby the personal and collective unconscious are brought into consciousness (e.g., by means of dreams, active imagination, or free association) to be assimilated into the whole personality. It is a completely natural process necessary for the integration of the psyche. Individuation has a holistic healing effect on the person, both mentally and physically

-from: Jung, C.G. (1962). Symbols of Transformation: An Analysis of the Prelude to a Case of Schizophrenia (vol. 2). New York: Harper & Brothers.

How the harmonizing of conscious and unconscious data is to be undertaken cannot be indicated in the form of a recipe.
-from: Jung, C.G. (1959) The Archetypes and the Collective Unconsciousness. Chapter VI: Conscious, Unconscious, and Individuation.  Princeton University Press.
      I found Jung through storytelling and mythology.  My psychology leanings are apparent as well.  But his work was about getting healthy.  Getting over it.  After reading Possessing the Secret of Joy by Alice Walker he became even more important to my journey.  Symbols become bookmarks from larger more important ideas.  A way to represent them without making there mysteries too concrete or literal.  That is why I make sequential art.  To get healthy and maintain the mystery. 

   These pages for Hod came almost straight from the sketchbook.  Copied then inked so they are a more organic and fluid than the Who am I? pages. 

Reading List:       The Archetypes and the Collective Consciousness.  C.G. Jung
                             Valis. Phillip K. Dick.
                             The LeRoi Jones/Amiri Baraka Reader. Amiri Baraka. edited by William
                             J. Harris.

Listening List:     Studio 360 Podcast: Leonardo DiCaprio & Ben Stiller.

Watching List:     Army Wives.  Season Four.
                             Battle Beyond the Planets.
                             DeathRace 2000.
                             12 Monkeys. 

Tuesday, January 07, 2014

In and Out of Boxes: HOD. Page Seven.

     I wanted to destroy my EGO.  In all my pseudo-intellectual philosophizing, I did not know how much it hurt.  I did not know how attached I had become to my life as it was...
I did not know until I watched it unravel with an audience of my family, friends and associates.  I was so consumed by embarrassment I did not realize what was happening:
 When you build something its hard to accept its flaws.  Investing your success and worth with the success of this "THING", well its disintegration becomes confusing.  I thought the death of my "CREATION" was the death of me.  But in the wake of this Apocalypse I opened my eyes to the wasteland and found that
So slowly, surely I continued living.
Like John Carter said, " I still live."
So I decided to LIVE.

Reading List:             Unity (the original by Valiant comics) Collected trades I II &IV.(can't 
                                   find book III...somewhere in my boxes.)
                                   V for Vendetta.  Moore and Lloyd.  Time and maturity have improved my
                                    understanding and enjoyment of it.
                                   Lamentations. Old Testament

Listening List:           Podcast On Being Unedited - Walter Brueggemann with Krista Tippett
                                  Kind of Blue. Miles Davis.
                                  Time will tell. Bob Marley.
                                  Forest. George Winston
                                  Royal. Lorde
Watching List:         Star Trek Enterprise. Season Three.
                                 Anna Lucasta.
                                 Speed Racer.
                                 Ken Burns JAZZ. Episode 8 Risk.

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Adventures In & Out of Boxes: HOD. Page Six.

Hod is the eighth of the ten sefirot, and the fifth of the emotive attributes within Creation.
Hod is associated in the soul with the power to continually advance, with the determination and perseverance born of deep inner commitment, toward the realization of one's life goals. The acknowledgment of a supreme purpose in life, and the total submission of self which it inspires, serve to endow the source of one's inspiration with an aura of splendor and majesty. Hence the word hod connotes both "acknowledgment" (hoda'ah) and "splendor," in the sense of an aura-like "reverberation" (hed) of light.

        This part is about recovery.  What 2011-2012 was all about. The act of waking up by day.
The acceptance of what is outside of you affects but does not define what is inside of you.  The rediscovery of Self and what is important:


 Reading List:          The Gospel of Thomas from the Nag Hammadi Library.
                                 Flex Mentallo: Man of Muscle Mystery by Grant Morrison & Frank Quitley.
Music List:               Bob Marley
                                 James Taylor
                                 Allure by Jay-Z.
TV& Movie List:     Star Trek Enterprise. Season Three.
                                 Truck Turner