Wednesday, May 29, 2013

What becomes of the Brokenhearted. Of Mythic Proportions:Extinction. Book One. Part One. Page Two: Sophia's Touch

Change often comes after pain or tragedy.  Ruminating over the whys and wherefores of a broken heart inspired the design for this page.

Music List:      A Love Supreme John Coltrane.
                        All is fair in love, Stevie Wonder.
Reading List:  Man and his Symbols, Carl Jung
                        On the Origin of the World, Nag Hammadi Library

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

New Beginnings: Of Mythic Proportions. Book One. Part One. Page One. Gnostic Ignition.

I know this is the second time i have put this image up, but I have learned a little about lettering and though alot more about design. 

Reading List: the Nag Hammadi Library

Music List: Wish You Were Here, Pink Floyd.

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

OMP:Notes on Beginning.


for REALS, this time.


            So, the whole time I was sketching out the visuals for OMP: Extinction and mapping out the final larger plot, I was seeing this Artist *wink* and she broke my heart…wanh wanh. 

            But, I was into my craft at the time.  I became an improved draftsman and technician during my time teaching college.  I read a lot, finally finding in The Nag Hammadi Library, the beginning of this story. 


Still it really starts with the memory of a kiss…



            A bit jarring to look at; two engagements, a marriage, a divorce, and a new relationship later, realizing the intensity of that moment (birthday in LA 2006?) and the very different emotions it evokes now from when it was experienced and drawn.   I suppose it would be easier to say six years later… but that’s another story that inspired this story.

            This is this story of Lord Lizard.  A story set in the deep distant well of humanity’s mythic beginnings.  This is a story of entropy. 


     “---a god outgrown becomes immediately a life destroying demon. The form has to be broken and the energy released.”

        Joseph Campbell. “Hero with a Thousand Faces.”

     So coming every Wednesday starting next Wednesday,  will be a page of sequential art.  Starting out by reworking the lettering on the preliminary pages of OMP:EXTINCTION.