Thursday, September 03, 2015

What I couldn't say... In memory of Lorenzo Patrick Jr.

February 8th 2014 Lorenzo Guy Patrick Jr. aka Kwabena Shango left his suffering and spread his  light across the universe.

My big brother died.

After half a decade he succumbed to ALS.

At his funeral I wanted to speak but I could not.  Even now I know I have not resolved the loss.  I had time and preparation but no realization of what this would feel like. I told myself I would post a blog to his memory and say the things i wanted needed desired to say but was unable.  And show how he was an inspiration in my life and in my art.

His spirit struck me this week as I was going through life shit and he said,

"Stop Bitchin' and just do it!"

I heard his voice clearly.  The advice related to something else but also it was always his general response to my self-doubt and procrastination.

Thank you Lo.  This is what you meant to me....


  I wrote this over a year ago and never published it.  Been through a gang of of ish since then but I'm trying to get back to me so I'll begin my revisiting ti this blog with this old entry.  Also I must add I lost my father this year as well as getting remarried.   So alot.  I want to get lost in creating and writing and my family. Wish me luck and look for content soon.  Because life in my forties is something else...

     Reading List:  Antiquity- LA Crime Novel by Darrin Hackett.  A first novel from an old and very creative friend.
     Music List:   nothing right now... music has just been background noise lately....
     Movie/Television List:   Thomas and Friends, Word girl, Daniel Tigers Neighborhood... my toddler son controls a lot of my TV watching these days.