Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Shit I Dig: Comic Reviews for Mid January 2010

Gotta write gotta comment gotta write. Gotta get it done.

Comics are my passion. I have a group of readers who have been trading observations about comics and related media for the last half a decade so I thought it would make sense to put it on my Blog.

9. Justice Society of America #9
This title lost me about a year ago. Geoff Johns I think was stretched thin and told the story he wanted here so he seemed to have been treading along until the takeover by Bill Willingham. Well I'm not interested. The cast is too large(ironic sense DC split this team into two books) and the conflicts seem repetitive. The art is serviceable and its nice to see Mr. Terrific is back on his feet. Still another spy in the midst story and another Mordru the Merciless epic is a little much after his excellent use and disposal by White Witch in Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds. I'm not excited. I'm done with it.

8. SuperGod #2
My boy Marcus mentioned this book so I picked it up. i used to follow most of the mainstream stuff Warren Ellis wrote, but the finale of Planetary(which was, among many other things, incredibly satisfying) and the disappearance of the striking Desolation Jones his work hasn't grabbed me so i thought I'd give this one a chance. So far I'm titillated but wary. We are given a history lesson of the superhuman arms race of the last half of the 20th century by a almost cliched haggard scientist in the midst of a decimated London. Shades of Spider jerusalem and Elijah Snow, but nothing new yet. Lot of exposition. My attention has been held by the use of mythology and religion as the inspiration in some countries for the creation of superhumans but of course everything goes tragically wrong. i can see why Marcus likes this book. I'm not impressed... yet but I'll give it a chance. i don't pick up a lot of books from Avatar but I'll give it a chance until something starts happening. I mean it is Warren ellis.

7. Adventure Comics #507
Now this is what I'm talking about when i look for a good Geoff Johns story! Which is funny because I thought I was sick of Superboy Prime. I think this issue, and the one that follows which I read first and went back to get this one, is a good use of the meta-context poor SuperboyPrime exists for. This issue made him tragic for me for the first time since his prominence during the first great Crisis on Infinite Earths. Blackest Night comesa calling and Clark Prime is put through it. The dependable artwork of Jerry Ordway don't hurt either. I also picked up this book for the co-feature Legion of Superheroes. I love its the Adult Legion, because this is the legion I grew up on, before the aforementioned Crisis and weak sales subjected the LSH through a series of revamps that were painful in that each one a gem in repeatedly crushed. And my four favorite character were used and there endless love conflicts finally resolved. Wildfire got his girl,Dawnstar, in the LSH of 3 worlds and now Blok, my favorite minority in the 31st century, gets his tragic love Whi- er Black Witch. Loved it. The art was good and I love Blok's healed look. I hope these characters appear when Levitz starts writing the LSH again. i gotta find out why Alan Scott is trapped in stone on the Sorcerer's World.

6. Secret Warrior #11
Loving this book. Things got a little confusing with the Ares/Phobos storyline but I'm back in stride now. Nick shows or refuses to show but alludes to more layers,some character moments for Yo-yo, Tomi and Daisy. The art is back to its past standards and Leviathan shows up. Super hero intrigue. Marvel has gotten hella complicated and fascinating!

5. Blackest Night #6
I Love IT!!! This is Johns at his best. A fitting sequel to the Sinestro Corps epic from last year. Ivan Reis has entered into my list of top ten superhero artist. And i love the reserve Lanterns. Nekron doesn't do much for me as the heavy but the surrounding villains and undead are well executed. I think at the end of this summer the big three(just like at Marvel) will be back!!!

4. Siege #1
I just love Olivier Coipel's work. His collaboration on House of M with Bendis screamed for him to get a Spidey book, but his run on Thor and this mini will do. He has mastered what I thought was a tendency toward strangely structured panel progressions but this stuff is tight and clear. And the final page with Cap was almost as strong as Cap's reappearance in New Avengers last month. If shit is gonna hit the fan I look forward to the beautiful shit Coipel is gonna show. And Bedis can finish his third act. Marvel has woven a tail tthat begs for an ending unlike anything before. If they deliver I'll be a fan for life.

3. Invincible Iron Man #22
Why won't Tony get up!!!! The last two years of this book has made me care about a character I felt was hopeless. Like Bendis did with Daredevil, Fraction didn't get rid of the dickness inherent in Tony Stark he uses it to help define the character. Potts put it best a few issues back, why don't gods and heroes come to her rescue. Caause you ain't Stark!!! But he won't get up!! Fraction takes his time and elevates all the characters he chose for this run. Maria Hill has depth, Pepper Potts has become worth more than a featured character now and even crazy-ass Whitney Frost has layers. Larroca's art remains incredibly done I can't wait for the next issue. Nice appearance by Doc Strange, but WHY WON'T TONY GET UP!!!

2.New Avengers #60
Bendis and Immonen. Anyone who has read any of my reviews over the last few years is aware of my man love for this team. In the absence of good stuff by Grant, Bendis has become my favorite bald white comic writer. The Wasp(I still have problems with that) Hank Pym comes in with Doc Strange to save the day. And didn't it seem like a updated Defenders reunion in this camp. Loved it. And comeuppance, they destroy Osborn's summer home. Hoods back and its coming to a head. Visually the best team book out now.

1. Detective Comics #860
I only looked at Rucka's stuff in passing. He caught my eye as part of the "band" during 52 and his Checkmate was S.H.I.E.L.D. done right(until Secret Warriors came out)but this book has been a work of art. I'm a student of Williams III so there is nothing to add about the art, except every issue is a joy. Rucka has paced the introduction of Batwoman with style. Rucka and Williams are leaving Detective but I'm sure they and Batwoman will land on their feet... I'll be there. The Question co-feature is a treat. Special guest star Huntress reminded me of the best episodes of the Justice League Unlimited cartoon. The Question and Huntress just work together. I hope they throw Batwoman in this so she and Renee can have a reunion.