Monday, August 08, 2011

Building a Mystery: Self Absorbed Series: The Box/Red Fugue


:a musical form in which a theme is first stated, then repeated and varied with accompanying contrapuntal lines

:a disordered state of mind in which somebody typically wanders from home and experiences a loss of memory relating only to the previous, rejected, environment.

I love words.

My art is Sequential.
It is about mastering forms and processes, to communicate a narrative. It is observation, meditation and communication.

Self-Absorbed is about ME. The reflexive self and all that entails. I am the subject matter. What I see , feel, and my presence are the recurring components of this series of paintings.

Self-Absorbed: The Box/Red Fugue
Acrylic on canvas. July 2011

The Owner’s Box has been my hangout in Montgomery since it opened a couple years ago. Run by a good friend last summer, I began painting at the club on the slower Thursday evenings. Sometimes it was Reggae Night or Karaoke or Comedians were the entertainment, giving a nice group of night lifers to watch and a nice place to create.
The Box began as a stream of consciousness painting, attempting to relate the atmosphere of the Owner’s Box.

Unhappy with this stage I let it sit unfinished for a number of months. My trip to Europe at the top of the summer gifted me with great inspiration and understanding of how the Western European Masters worked. I studied the brushstrokes of art I previously only experienced in books and online.
I learned a lot.
I returned to The Box a few weeks ago and let it free. I shadowed the face as it was distracting and turned Me* into an object in the painting as opposed to the viewers conduit into the world of the painting. Everything else is all in my/His* head.
Of course my love for Mondrian’s structure comes into play in this work. I see and communicate reality in a modular manner. The use of panels is a nod to Sequential Art and the language of Comic Books.
Red is Carnal.
I always leave a little pencil evident.
Painting is a process. I always try to leave a trail.

This crimson dream is the source and drive of the Abyss, the potent darkness; the place all creations emerge from.