Monday, November 25, 2013

Adventures In and Out of Boxes: Who am I. Page Three.

      Out of the Abyss.  This page creating it, reflecting on it,  and the time it represents was an exercise in ego destruction.   Every acceptance of change in life is about destroying who you were to accept who you are as circumstances and intention demands.  Rough collage is represented by the badly photographed and copied paintings down the center tier of the page.  Large paintings (4'x2') I made while in the relationship relating to the object of my love, the maturation of passion from lust to love, and the acceptance of death/change. 

 The Links above connect to an old blog I had with a group of friends: Intellectual Rocket Fuel we used to inspire each other to create. 

Reading List: Bhagavad-Gita translated by Barbara Stoler Miller.

Music List:  Next Lifetime, Didn't Cha Know. Erykah Badu
Movie/TV list:  Miami Vice Season One.
                          Parks and Recreation.
                          Star Trek: Enterprise Season One.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Shit I dig! ComicsI read this week 11/20/2013

I came to Sandman late.  Picked up the final arc Kindly Ones because Marc Hempel was drawing it.  Hempel caught my eye in college when My roommate Bill collected a coulpe of graphic novels about a simple man in an asylum named Gregory.


Hilarious and touching stuff.  I had no interest in Neil Gaiman though I quickly became a fan. Luckily a gaming buddy of mine Eric, had all the trades in his collection and I caught up.  Now my Vertigo title was the Invisibles and I was deep into that journey, but Sandman mixed all the magical story sources I enjoyed.  I was in. I was affected by its ending and never found another Gaiman joint that held my attention like he did on Sandman.  Imagine my excitement when it was announced that Gaiman was returning to Dream and the art was being helmed by one of my favorite current comic artists, J H Williams III.  I missed the first issue when it came out two weeks ago.  So I held my reviews until I read it.  I am also finishing up a big move, so time has been a tight commodity.  Anyway I finally got it so let the show go on...

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Sunday, November 03, 2013

Adventures In and Out of Boxes:Who Am I. Page One.

This is how CHANGE occurs. 

Through ACTION purpose is met.  I am leaving the Bunker.  The Studio.  Continuing forward on this Sorceror’s journey.  I am  actualizing the Turtle Triumphant.
                This is how the story begins.  This is how I enter a new state of being.

Being a Father. 

            It begins with a packing box of my favorite books from my special bookcase.