Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Of Mythic Proportions:Extinction Book One. Part One. Page Six

         I think I need to letter smaller.  I hate how much of the image I lost.  Or keep paring down my wordy script.  The inspiration for part of this story was young men growing up without fathers.  Instead of Madonna and child we have Widow and child.  I was a little miffed when I saw how much Female Trinities are being played up in the recent issues of Thor.  But thats myth.  What can you do. 

Thursday, December 01, 2011

Of Mythic Proportions:Extinction Book One. Page Five.

  Tentacles have been spiraling thru my art for the last decade taking form in this reality as my Locks.  I'm still working out what that means.  This page and the last are meant to be viewed as one spread.   Sometime after I stop posting Part One I'm gonna show ya'll the Digital Art Omni made from some of these images.  Listening to alot of Pandora lately.  Right now its on the Kanye West Station.  Yesterday i was listening to Bowie all afternoon.  Man I'm loving this cyber age.  Thanks William Gibson and them. 
Addicted to Fringe and reading Jung voraciously.  Oh and reading comics reading comics.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Of Mythic Proportions: Extinction Book One. Part One. Page Four.

  Every film has opening credits.  The Pantheon of this story.  The young fantastic beings  around which this story rotates.  Diana, Lord Lizard, Dzr, Lady Orb and Lord Lyonmane.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Of Mythic Proportions: Extinction Book One. Part One. Page Three.

Start slow and with introductions.  Building a mystery.  Story and Art by Kevin L. Patrick.  Copyright 2011

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Sunday, October 02, 2011

Of Mythic Proportions: Extinction. Book One. Part One.

It’s a myth. It is a parable. It is a reflection. From a footnote in Joseph Campbell’s Hero with a Thousand faces: “ …(a god outgrown becomes immediately a life destroying demon. The form has to be broken and the energy released.)”
Story and Art by Kevin L. Patrick The Abyss

Monday, September 05, 2011

In and Out of Boxes: An American in Paris

In and Out of Boxes: An American in Paris

A panel is an individual frame, or single drawing, in the multiple-panel sequence of a comic strip or comic book. A panel consists of a single drawing depicting a frozen moment.

If you know me or have talked to me in the last couple months you would have heard from me, ad nauseum, thst the highlight of my year was my trip through the United Kingdom and France this summer. I visited Galleries and Museums in Glasgow, Edinburgh, London and Paris. I was moved and inspired.
I saw a lot of impressionist in person that taught me about color and brushwork. And I took a bunch of pics. Many are earmarked to become parts of paintings.

Like this one

Marcus said this would make a great comicbook cover. I agree. It was one of my first attempts to take a self shot of myself so popular on facebook. It was the last full trip of the journey and I was exhausted but excited. We sat in the courtyard of Notre Dame waiting for our whole group to get back together. Deonte playing on his Ipod and me listening to mine…

So part of Art is process. This is mine. This is the first in a series narrative painting inspired by what has been happening to me over the last year. I want to mix observation with sequential storytelling. Essential to the sequential narrative is the panel. The panel is the doorway into the constructed reality of the storyteller. The panel introduces the concept of time to the twodimensional world. The gutters(white spaces) are as important as the information in the panels. This painting is about attaining dreams and goals without losing connection to where you have been. This painting is about coming Out of the Abyss.

Stage One: Rendering

Up until recently I would not use black when make representational work but I have become very interested in a lot of more illustrative thought; envisioning watercolor and ink drawings. A hard-edged but color rich space.

Stage Two: Value Placement/Creation

At this stage I am mixing what I see of light with what I see as tone and create some constructed light source to move through the composition. Oh yeah in the right I improvised a monochromatic fever dream. The internal dialogue to the external world represented on the left. Magical Realism with Constructivist tendencies from a post-Post-modern intention direct the compositional choice. Oh yeah and comics. PANELS.

Stage Three: Color Washes/Building Layers

Putting down areas of primary colors and browns. Working out background darks on Notre Dame. Keeping it simple.

Stage Four: Final Color Under painting

I have my color buildup and undervalues. Leaving some white and a hint of pencil on canvas at the bottom of the left panel. Finished with the right panel. Very happy with it.

Put in my finishing touches and tryin' to leave it alone. I like it. My students like it. I'm content. For the Impressionists.

Monday, August 08, 2011

Building a Mystery: Self Absorbed Series: The Box/Red Fugue


:a musical form in which a theme is first stated, then repeated and varied with accompanying contrapuntal lines

:a disordered state of mind in which somebody typically wanders from home and experiences a loss of memory relating only to the previous, rejected, environment.

I love words.

My art is Sequential.
It is about mastering forms and processes, to communicate a narrative. It is observation, meditation and communication.

Self-Absorbed is about ME. The reflexive self and all that entails. I am the subject matter. What I see , feel, and my presence are the recurring components of this series of paintings.

Self-Absorbed: The Box/Red Fugue
Acrylic on canvas. July 2011

The Owner’s Box has been my hangout in Montgomery since it opened a couple years ago. Run by a good friend last summer, I began painting at the club on the slower Thursday evenings. Sometimes it was Reggae Night or Karaoke or Comedians were the entertainment, giving a nice group of night lifers to watch and a nice place to create.
The Box began as a stream of consciousness painting, attempting to relate the atmosphere of the Owner’s Box.

Unhappy with this stage I let it sit unfinished for a number of months. My trip to Europe at the top of the summer gifted me with great inspiration and understanding of how the Western European Masters worked. I studied the brushstrokes of art I previously only experienced in books and online.
I learned a lot.
I returned to The Box a few weeks ago and let it free. I shadowed the face as it was distracting and turned Me* into an object in the painting as opposed to the viewers conduit into the world of the painting. Everything else is all in my/His* head.
Of course my love for Mondrian’s structure comes into play in this work. I see and communicate reality in a modular manner. The use of panels is a nod to Sequential Art and the language of Comic Books.
Red is Carnal.
I always leave a little pencil evident.
Painting is a process. I always try to leave a trail.

This crimson dream is the source and drive of the Abyss, the potent darkness; the place all creations emerge from.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Building a Mystery: Of Mythic Proportions: Extinction. Lord Lizard.Transmutations.Kronn Lord of the Dead.

Lord Lizard in Repose. Acrylic on Watercolor paper. 2011

So the Idea for this character came from The Dawn of the Dragons Campaign created by Paul DiNunno back when I was an undergrad at St. Mary's College of Maryland two decades ago. One of the major antagonists of our adventuring group was the shadowy leader of the swamp nation of Nilth, Kronn. As described by the Gamemaster he was a huge necromantic Lizard man whose body was deteriorating. A decade or more later, after my experiences as a profesor and my journy into Joseph Campbell and Carl Jung, i began wondering where Kronn came from. What makes a villian. The tale of Lord Lizard came from these musings. Discovering and creating his story turned into a long story that explained for me my experience with young male students without father figures, the transformation of the godpower for good into a monster, and the destiny of two characters in that first campaign: Arrak the Archer and Dwayne Lyon.
As presented in this first painting he is the leader of a nation having recently betrayed his bloodbrother and looking upon his destiny.

Kronn Ruler of the Snake Clann, Lord of Nilth, Heart of the Behemoth.
Acrylic on Watercolor, 2011.

I have not created the definitive image of Kronn as a enemy of the Crimson Guard, but this is him at the height of his rule.
In the end it all went bad. But all of that is in the details.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

thumbnails, Thumbnails, THUMBNAILS

Thumbnail of Immorals pg 1, Origin of NV

I'have begun to really embrace the use of thumbnails in preparing my sequential art ideas. Its a good high but small vanishpoit to best plan out the page. Now I've begun scanning the small pencil thumbnails, blowing them up to half 8"x10" and roughing out my blacks with sharpies and micron pens.

Friday, February 04, 2011

Painting as therapy...

Self Absorbed:MidLife Crisis. Acrylic on canvas 1/11

Turned 41 at the end of last year and it hit me hard. I started this painting painting just before New Year and finished it the first week of 2011. Taken from a photograph where i give the Lil' Lo salute. This is my mentalyy for facing this new stage in my life. Embracing the shadow, creating a foundation and accepting as true my own thinking. A Toast to the Scumbags.

Work in Progress.....

Self Absorbed:TheBoxx/RedFugue
Acrylic on canvas
in progress....

Trying to share what I felt in the Owner's Box. Using carnal color to encompass the intensity of sensation it can be at its best. Began painting this one on Thursdays at the Owner's Box. Close to finish. I'm really learning some things about value. Standard Mondrian homage.

Sketches and stuff......

A character for a story Omni and i are putting together. This is NV.

And this is The Horror.

I'm inking those images now and will color them later. looking to make strong visual stuff.

Back to coloring OMP:Extinction. Thumbnailing the second book now. Being productive...

Thursday, January 20, 2011

OMP: Girl Trouble

Infinity slays Behemoth.2010. Acrylic on canvas.

It took me awhile but I finished this painting. I worked on it in front of my students on a Free Day. It was inspired by a short comic story that came to me. It stars Lady Orb from Omp:Extinction after she leaves Lord Lizard The story explains where Lady Orb's descendants come from.
I was also interested in connecting the Women Issues(meaning trying to understand them) I went through in my thirties and the problems Elias Infinity has with women later in his life.
I'll post some thumbnails and sketches from the comic strip as soon as I can.

Art is Doing.