Monday, September 05, 2011

In and Out of Boxes: An American in Paris

In and Out of Boxes: An American in Paris

A panel is an individual frame, or single drawing, in the multiple-panel sequence of a comic strip or comic book. A panel consists of a single drawing depicting a frozen moment.

If you know me or have talked to me in the last couple months you would have heard from me, ad nauseum, thst the highlight of my year was my trip through the United Kingdom and France this summer. I visited Galleries and Museums in Glasgow, Edinburgh, London and Paris. I was moved and inspired.
I saw a lot of impressionist in person that taught me about color and brushwork. And I took a bunch of pics. Many are earmarked to become parts of paintings.

Like this one

Marcus said this would make a great comicbook cover. I agree. It was one of my first attempts to take a self shot of myself so popular on facebook. It was the last full trip of the journey and I was exhausted but excited. We sat in the courtyard of Notre Dame waiting for our whole group to get back together. Deonte playing on his Ipod and me listening to mine…

So part of Art is process. This is mine. This is the first in a series narrative painting inspired by what has been happening to me over the last year. I want to mix observation with sequential storytelling. Essential to the sequential narrative is the panel. The panel is the doorway into the constructed reality of the storyteller. The panel introduces the concept of time to the twodimensional world. The gutters(white spaces) are as important as the information in the panels. This painting is about attaining dreams and goals without losing connection to where you have been. This painting is about coming Out of the Abyss.

Stage One: Rendering

Up until recently I would not use black when make representational work but I have become very interested in a lot of more illustrative thought; envisioning watercolor and ink drawings. A hard-edged but color rich space.

Stage Two: Value Placement/Creation

At this stage I am mixing what I see of light with what I see as tone and create some constructed light source to move through the composition. Oh yeah in the right I improvised a monochromatic fever dream. The internal dialogue to the external world represented on the left. Magical Realism with Constructivist tendencies from a post-Post-modern intention direct the compositional choice. Oh yeah and comics. PANELS.

Stage Three: Color Washes/Building Layers

Putting down areas of primary colors and browns. Working out background darks on Notre Dame. Keeping it simple.

Stage Four: Final Color Under painting

I have my color buildup and undervalues. Leaving some white and a hint of pencil on canvas at the bottom of the left panel. Finished with the right panel. Very happy with it.

Put in my finishing touches and tryin' to leave it alone. I like it. My students like it. I'm content. For the Impressionists.