Sunday, December 08, 2013

Adventures In & Out of Boxes: Who am I? Page Four.

    Art is doing. 
Looking. Thinking. Planning. Doing.
Being a professor forced me to constantly reflect on basic skills, structure, and observation.  Every artist needs a PROCESS.  Every artist has to trust the discovery and application of a Process.  Every artist must be prepared, once a process is not enough, to ChANGe.  And start all over again. 
  Reading List:  New Teen Titans Vol. 2 Issue 10-16, & Annual #1  Marv Wolfman & George Perez. 
                               Titans of myth, Doom Patrol, Omega Men.  The stuff that made me check who
                                the creative team was for the first time in comics. 
                           Legion of Superheroes Annual  #1. Paul Levitz & Keith Giffen.
                               The story that introduced Invisible Kid II, holographic D&D, and the prelude to
                                the Great Darkness saga. 
Music List:   My Being Petty playlist on iTunes.  Created for my ex-wife...
                                 Songs like:  Funny How time Slips Away- Al Green.
                                                     Hello Like Before- Bill Withers
                                                     Say Hello Wave Goodbye- David Gray
                                                     Blame Game- Kanye West
                                                     All in love is Fair- Stevie Wonder
                                                     Anna's Song- Marvin Gaye
                                                     Theme from Mahogany- Diana Ross
                                                      Papers- Usher
Movie/TV List:  Star Trek Enterprise Season 2.
                           The Hobbit.
                            The Dunwich Horror.

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