Tuesday, January 07, 2014

In and Out of Boxes: HOD. Page Seven.

     I wanted to destroy my EGO.  In all my pseudo-intellectual philosophizing, I did not know how much it hurt.  I did not know how attached I had become to my life as it was...
I did not know until I watched it unravel with an audience of my family, friends and associates.  I was so consumed by embarrassment I did not realize what was happening:
 When you build something its hard to accept its flaws.  Investing your success and worth with the success of this "THING", well its disintegration becomes confusing.  I thought the death of my "CREATION" was the death of me.  But in the wake of this Apocalypse I opened my eyes to the wasteland and found that
So slowly, surely I continued living.
Like John Carter said, " I still live."
So I decided to LIVE.

Reading List:             Unity (the original by Valiant comics) Collected trades I II &IV.(can't 
                                   find book III...somewhere in my boxes.)
                                   V for Vendetta.  Moore and Lloyd.  Time and maturity have improved my
                                    understanding and enjoyment of it.
                                   Lamentations. Old Testament

Listening List:           Podcast On Being Unedited - Walter Brueggemann with Krista Tippett
                                  Kind of Blue. Miles Davis.
                                  Time will tell. Bob Marley.
                                  Forest. George Winston
                                  Royal. Lorde
Watching List:         Star Trek Enterprise. Season Three.
                                 Anna Lucasta.
                                 Speed Racer.
                                 Ken Burns JAZZ. Episode 8 Risk.

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